Agricultural Equipment Dealer

We’ve worked with a heavy-equipment dealer to help streamline their reporting and business processes. Anywhere they are manually copy-ing and pasting data from some system to another is an opportunity for Pato Solutions to step in and provide value. We‘ve hooked into their Dealer Management System (DMS) and given them dashboards and weekly reports to their inboxes. Example areas of these reports include Parts and Equipment Sales, as well as inventory reports.

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The Retail Online team at Apple was respsonsible for improving the Buy Online Pickup In-Store experience. I was responsible for creating machine learning features and models to help predict store traffic, and user store preference. We used Python ML packages (MLeap, Sklearn, pandas/numpy) to enable us to develop these ML models, which we deployed to a decisioning API that we developed and managed. We ran A/B tests and created monitoring dashboards and performance reports to circulate to business owners and management. If you’ve experienced the buy online pickup in store in a major US metro, you’ve likely experienced my ML models at work.

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PeerIQ (now a Cross River Bank company)

At PeerIQ, we built an analytics application enabling our hedge fund customers to evaluate the performace of their loan portfolios in real time. The Python analytics engine backend enabled our data engineers, business analysts, and users to have consistent views of the data throughout the application experience (e.g. forecasting projection, historical analysis, and excel export). Data engineers were empowered to easily create metric definitions with the comfort of a baked in validation testing framework that enabled them to ship customer requests in a timely and accurate manner. The user interface we built provided all business critical work within a few clicks including live dashboards, interactive exploratory reports and projection modeling and analysis.


We’re always interested in learning about problems and seeing if we can provide solutions. We like companies with a vision of what they want, and an ability to deliver without too much headache. Generally all we need to be successful is the ability to connect to your internal systems, which we can generally work out after a few meetings with your MSPs or IT departments. That being said, we have the expertise to deliver complete software solutions if required, but we prefer to deliver you the most value with the least effort.

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