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Reporting & Dashboards.
We use off the shelf Business Analytics (BI) Tools to speed up connecting to your systems and create insightful reports.
App Development.
We try to find low overhead solutions, but are fully capabale of building full stack web applications for your use. Improve outdated processes with our help.
Data Modeling.
We take your operational database and transform it to a mental model that makes analytics simple and fruitful.
Data Extraction and Transform.
Data is messy and all over the place. We merge your existing data into one place, allowing you to make informed decisions.
We love teaching. We will happlily teach your data enthusiasts to become data analysts.

I am a veteran Software Engineer and Data Scientist helping businesses excel in making data driven decisions.


Hello there! I’m Alex Alvarez, a New England based software developer. I have a decade of experience building applications that leverage data. I’ve worked as a full stack software developer and data scientist at companies of all different sizes in finance, retail and e-commerce. My previous employers include Goldman Sachs, Apple, and Boxed Wholesale. I graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana.

I’ve worked in nearly every capacity of the data stack, from managing data pipelines to working with charting libraries. Throughout this experience I’ve learned how to make data actionable and invaluable to businesses.

When I’m not behind the screen, you’ll find me working with my hands — either covered in grease fixing diesel engines, or sawdust and metal shavings from my latest project. A non exhaustive list of projects I’ve finished recently: 16’x12’ aluminum green-house, duck coop with wifi-enabled actuator door, cedar & steel plant stand, fiberglass & epoxy ice chest, leather storage bag.

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